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320kbps Studio Grade Mp3s - our highest quality Mp3 audio files

These 320kbps (320 kilobytes per second) mp3s are encoded directly from the original digital masters for pristine audio clarity.  They are the highest grade mp3s presently attainable, delivering maximal "air" and transparency - ideal for listening on quality stereo systems, or burning to CD for an audiophile grade mix or compilation where file size is not a major concern.

These extreme-quality audio files will generally not play well over internet connections due to limited bandwidth, so please use the streaming audio Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi "Preview" links to hear the songs.  The audio quality of the previews will of course be much lower than the actual 320kbps files, which will sound excellent once downloaded.  They are as close to the original digital recordings as can be presently achieved using mp3 compression technology, and are frequently found to be indistinguishable from the originals, even in controlled listening tests by experts.

For your personal listening freedom and convenience, these files are delivered free of all copy and digital rights protection.  Once downloaded they become your personal property, to copy and use as you see fit.  Please respect Neon Egypt's copyright however by not sharing them digitally with others.  - Thanks!