Neon Egypt - Unusual Improvised Intuitive Jazz and World Fusion Music, with Haiku Poetry and audiophile downloads




Neon Egypt - Unusual Improvised Intuitive Jazz and World Fusion Music, with Haiku Poetry and audiophile downloads

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Neon Egypt- Unusual improvised Intuitive Jazz and World Fusion music, with audiophile downloads   Meditative Jazz / World Fusion music - Neon Egypt multi-percussionist Steven Miller performs an improvisation with interpretive dancer Layne Russell

Welcome to a Taste of Mystical Egypt...


Neon Egypt was active as a musical group from 1999 through late 2007.  An outgrowth of the popular San Francisco improvisational jazz quartet Tabula Rasa, Neon Egypt is widely considered to have pioneered a new jazz-based hybrid of Karlheinz Stockhausenís Intuitive Music.  Their sole album, Tales Of Kings, released in May of 2000, is recognized as a classic of the genre.  Various songs from the album regularly populated top slots in the Improvisational Jazz and World Fusion charts on numerous Internet music stations for several years following the albumís release.  The albumís most popular song, Passage To Djibouti, has appeared in several feature settings, most notably in the 2004 art film Journey of the Dream Warrior

 Although the groupís members have now moved on to other works, the legacy of leading edge intuitive music remains. The CD Tales Of Kings is available through this web site and most major Internet music providers.

To see the groups that Harrison is currently working with, visit his personal web site at: and his jazz profile at:

Whether called Meditative Jazz, World Jazz, or World Fusion, Neon Egypt's offering is decidedly unique. Expressive, free-flowing saxophone melodies float gracefully over Taiko-like melodic drum lines, featuring the one-of-a-kind Shendai Ceremonial Drums

Passage To Djibouti 

"A fresh morning... New movement, new life!"

Night of the Lotus   PLAY LO-FI    PLAY HI-FI

"Many come by day
But the night...
Night of the Lotus
Those who know her
Taste the sweetness"

Intuitive Music

All of Neon Egypt's selections are "first takes" of spontaneously improvised Intuitive Music, recorded live. None of their pieces have a predetermined form or concept, a title, or even a key or time signature before play is begun - each is truly a unique product of the moment. Yet each has clear musicality, satisfying coherence and unmistakable structure. The broad foundation of melodic drum and percussion music created by Steven Miller's Shendai Ceremonial Drums allows master jazz saxophone soloist Harrison Goldberg freedom to weave an artful musical offering in real time. The result... well, you are invited to listen for yourself!

Come join us for an exotic artistic excursion!
Neon Egypt- Unusual improvised Intuitive Jazz and World Fusion music  Harrison Goldberg and Steven Miller of Neon Egypt- Unusual improvised Intuitive Jazz and World Fusion music

The Musicians and Instruments

YSS-62 soprano sax, Selmer MKVI Tenor Sax, and Conn 1920's vintage silver alto sax.

STEVEN MILLER - Shendai Ceremonial Drums, various bells, gongs, cymbals, and hand percussion instruments.  The Shendai drums are a unique melodic drum set, a cross between Taiko Drums and Timpani, and are played with specially designed percussion mallets.

- Plus guest appearances by other artists

Our Audience

Neon Egypt's unusual music has topped the World Fusion charts on numerous Internet music sites and radio stations since the debut of their unique, groundbreaking CD Tales Of Kings in May 2000.  It continues to appear consistently in the Top 10 in World Jazz and World Fusion music charts worldwide today, more than seven years later.  The album Tales Of Kings has been diversely used as Tai Chi and Yoga meditation music, modern dance music, and as background for Egyptian travel and history seminars. It is also featured in the art film Journey of the Dream Warrior from Dream Power International of Seattle, Washington USA.  Visit the Global page to see where fans and visitors hail from.


Both Steven Miller and Harrison Goldberg are veteran jazz musicians who stepped outside mainstream jazz in 1992 with formation of the California-based performance art collaborative Tabula Rasa. This group of four players, which included well known San Francisco Bay Area creative musicians Troy Silveira on piano and seven-string guitarist Ron Thompson, founder of the progressive improv group SpiritPark, strove to learn to improvise music and performance art live using only the compasses of intuition and heart, and without the benefit of any predetermined structure, form or guidelines.  (See Intuitive Music Their critically acclaimed 'collage' performances incorporated a melding of improvised acoustic/electronic music, dance, and visual art. This work led to formation of the improvisational trio Legend with bassist/synthesist Roger Foote, and release of their debut music CD early in 1997. Here performing as the duo Neon Egypt, Miller and Goldberg feature guest performances by contributing artists including musicians, dancers, and visual artists.

Roots and Influences

World Jazz, African, Middle Eastern and Oriental music, Gagaku, Noh (No) Theatre, Free Jazz, Creative Music, New Music, Mysticism, Taiko

Site Contents

You'll find a wealth of information on this site about Neon Egypt's unusual music and how it began, and that most unusual instrument, the collection of brass and pitched percussion instruments called the Shendai Ceremonial Drums.  You'll also have a chance to hear the group's latest Jazz and World Fusion recordings, download Studio Grade (audiophile quality) 320kbps mp3s of their songs, and if you wish, buy their CDs.  There is a sampling of Harrison Goldberg's visual artwork, Steven Miller's short 'Haiku' poems that accompany each of Neon Egypt's tracks, some press and listener reviews, and a photo gallery of images from stage and recording studio, plus travel scenes from Egypt and North Africa.  You'll also find links to many special artists and musicians whom they support and encourage.

Thanks for dropping by...  enjoy your visit!

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Top Photo: Percussionist Steven Miller plays a sixty-two inch brass vase in performance with interpretive dancer Layne Russell at Luther Burbank Center For The Arts, Santa Rosa, California.  Saxophonist Harrison Goldberg is hidden by the curtain at right. Photo by Chris Mars

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